Prayers of the Faithful for September 20 & 21, 2014


Mindful of our dependence on God’s generosity, let us pray that we may hear and watch for God’s ways, learning how to live lives worthy of the Gospel.


  1. That the whole church may be a community of heart, reflecting God’s extravagant forgiveness and generosity … we pray,
  2. That there may be abundant forgiveness wherever there is animosity, anger, violence or war … we pray,
  3. That decision-makers at every level of government and civic life may seek the places where generous funds or resources are most needed … we pray,
  4. That parents, teachers, catechists, coaches, counselors and all who work with the young may teach them the value of generosity toward others … we pray,
  5. That this community may witness to abundant care for the most needy, the sick and the grieving among us — especially those whose pain goes unnoticed or is dismissed by others … we pray,
  6. For the sick among us who have asked for our prayers, may they and all who are suffering be comforted by God’s healing embrace...we pray:
  7. For those who have died,  for those who grieve, that they may be consoled by Jesus’ victory over death … we pray:


Most lavish and generous God, we bring our deepest cares to you, encouraged by your promises for a kingdom of abundant love and forgiveness. We pray in Jesus’ name, asking that we may live every day in accordance with your amazing ways. Amen.





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