Prayers of the Faithful for January 1, 2016


God sent the divine Son to bring us salvation and peace. Let us pray that we and

all people in our world may be blessed this year.



That all members of the church continually make known God’s ongoing revelation of the message of salvation, we pray:

That all people of the world enjoy peace and receive justice during this new year, we pray:

That those who lack spiritually and materially receive from the generosity of this community what they need to grow in fullness of life, we pray:

That those who resolve to live healthier and holier lives this year be sustained by the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and guidance, we pray:

That each of us during this coming year learn from Mary how to hear, accept, and say yes to God’s word of salvation, we pray:

That those who are ill and have asked for our prayers, including, Brenda Portner,  be blessed and healed in this coming new year, we pray:

That those who have died be graciously received by God in the communion of Mary and all the saints, we pray:




God of peace and justice, you bless us and are gracious to us beyond all measure: hear these our prayers that we might live as faithful daughters and sons of Mary our Mother. We ask this through her son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.





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