Prayers of the Faithful for February 28 and March 1, 2015


Let us pray for all whose faith or trust is challenged by the demands of daily living, and especially for those whose challenges seem insurmountable.


  1. For the Church, that its leaders and all God’s people may be signs of hope and healing in a united effort to end abuse and begin healing, we pray:
  2. For governments that defend religious freedom and human rights, we pray:
  3. For those who live in dire circumstances that challenge trust in others or in God: those living in war, violence, poverty or any kind of injustice, we pray:
  4. For wisdom and insight: that following powerful moments in our lives, we may draw strength from them to live fully our everyday responsibilities, we pray:
  5. For all gathered here today: that as we entrust ourselves to God more deeply this Lent, we may come to see the face of God more clearly, we pray:
  6.  For those who are ill and have asked for our prayers, including Cy Saunders, Larry McLaughlin, Madelon Byrne, Erin Reid, Treven Smith,  may they find hope for healing and strength in the transfigured Jesus, we pray:
  7. For those who have died, and for all who mourn the passing of loved ones, we pray:



Gracious God, you call us to be people of deep faith. Hear the concerns we lay before you, and empower us to place our trust in you, who handed over your only Son on our behalf. In his name, we pray. Amen.




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