Prayers of the Faithful for March 21 & 22, 2015


With humility and a Christ-like attitude, let us pray in a special way today for the people of St. Rose of Lima in Haiti. Let us ask God for the grace we need to champion those who have nothing.


God of Hope: be with our sisters and brothers  at St. Rose of Lima Parish as we continue to partner with  them…we pray:

God of Wisdom: be with Fr. Feyant as he continues his ministry at St. Rose of Lima. Bless him with wisdom, strength, and compassion …we pray:

God of Mercy: fill us all with an abiding sense of your care and compassion;  that we may respond with generous hearts, open hands and a renewed sense of solidarity with all your people in Gris-Gris … we pray:

God of Love:  receive these gifts we send, the service we offer, our prayers, our hopes, and our petitions on behalf of the people of Haiti. Teach us to love more fully our families, our friends, and those we find difficult to love...we pray:

God of Righteousness: instill in the global community a thirst for justice so that we may continue with efforts to rebuild the cities and villages devastated by the earthquakes, cholera, hurricanes, and other calamities that have overwhelmed the Haitian people…we pray:

God of Healing: care for those who are ill and have asked us to pray for them including Irene Casteneda, For comfort and healing for all who are ill…we pray:

God of Eternal Life: gather all who have died into your loving arms, especially James Ostroot, the father of Jim Ostroot. Comfort all who mourn the passing of a loved-one… we pray:






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