Prayers of the Faithful for March 7 & 8, 2015


God reveals to us the paths of righteousness. With confident hearts, we bring to God our prayers.


  1. That the Church may help us grow in awareness of our dignity as temples of the Holy Spirit, we pray:
  2. That governments and corporations commit themselves to justice for the poor and fair treatment for the vulnerable, we pray:
  3. That those who suffer war’s destruction, especially in religious conflicts, find prompt and lasting peace, we pray:
  4. That all God’s children are protected from abuse, we pray:
  5. That God will give those who are unemployed hope and open pathways to use their gifts and talent, we pray:
  6. That God will cleanse the temple of our hearts, free us from all that enslaves us, and help us to offer our self-sacrificing service to God and others, we pray:
  7. That those who are ill and are suffering may find hope and healing, especially, Larry McLaughlin, Madelon Byrne, Erin Reid, Treven Smith, Doug Bortscheller, Lee Brezinka, we pray:
  8. Those who have died will find rest in the arms of God, especially Rosemary Stevens, the wife of Nick Stevens; Cy Saunders, the brother of Jane Ess; Benny Gary Sherman, the grandson of Terryl and Gary Sherman; we pray:


Faithful God, you show us the path of true wisdom. Hear the prayers, spoken and unspoken, that we ask in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.




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