Prayers of the Faithful for August 22 & 23, 2015


We who were pledged by baptism to serve the Lord pray now for one another and for others both near and far.



For the Church, may it be a continuing and compassionate support to all the baptized, we pray:

For all who seek to serve in public office, that God will inspire and embolden people of integrity and virtue to serve the public, we pray:

For those who struggle with faith, especially those whose faith has been shaken by the Church or by other believers, we pray:

For those about to make commitments to marriage; and for those whose marriages are strained or broken, we pray:

For our Sister Parish in Gris-Gris, Haiti, who today are celebrating the feast day of their patron saint, St. Rose of Lima. May God strengthen their faith and commitment to serve one another, we pray:

For those who are ill and have asked for our prayers, including Russell Keller, Lois Deneen, Chuck Bernard.  May God strengthen them, renew them, and fill them with healing, we pray:

For those who have died, especially, Alice Molnar, Rosemary Engle, James Gorski, Kevin Ketelsleger, Andrew Sanjeen Ambrose, JoseBarrios. May they share in the heavenly banquet and experience the peace and joy of God’s kingdom, we pray:



Loving God, you offer us hope by calling us to life in Jesus. Grant us the courage to respond to this ongoing invitation. Make us one with all those who have chosen to serve you. We pray in the name of your Son, Jesus. Amen.




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