Social Justice

Social Justice & Outreach Commission

The work of the Social Justice & Outreach Commission is to be a "Spirit-filled force for inclusivity and dignity." Click here for our full purpose and responsibility statement. 

In keeping with Catholic Social Teaching, it is the Commission’s Mission to:

  • Promote compassion and understanding among community members

  • Raise parishioners’ awareness of social injustice and concerns of human dignity

  • Engage individuals, families and community in activities that will help them put their faith into action for the common good.

  • Provide opportunities for parishioners to use their gifts and time in areas of direct service and /or social change.

“A basic moral test of any society is how our most vulnerable members are faring.” 

(Sharing Catholic Social Teaching, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops)

Social Justice & Outreach Commission Meeting Schedule for 2016-17

We typically meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the Month from 7:00-8:30 p.m. (September is an exception).  Thus our meeting schedule for the upcoming year is:

August 9th

September 6th

October 11th

November 8th (tentative)

December 13th

January 10th

February 14th (tentative)


April 11th

May 9th

June 13th

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