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Our Children of Promise – Haiti: Help Us Spread the Word!

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Our Children of Promise – Haiti is an ongoing, at-large social networking campaign to sustain full funding for the parochial school of St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Gris-Gris, Haiti.  The website is set up to mobilize support for St. Rose School with a broad based appeal for funding with very modest donations from a special group of about 300 patrons. We ask each to support the school - one child at a time and one school year at a time. A donation of $100 assures a place for a student at St. Rose School for an entire academic year.

This campaign was set up with the intention to invite in non-parishioners to be a part of our work in Gris-Gris.  We are NOT asking Risen Savior parishioners to participate in this campaign, as we know that our community is very generous during our Sister Parish weekends.  However, we need your help in spreading the word!  Business cards promoting this campaign are available in the information racks, or you can simply refer people to the webpage.  Thank you for walking in solidarity with the children of Gris-Gris!


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One of the best ways to stay current on what is happening in Gris-Gris, the work the Sister Parish Committee is currently doing, and also staying informed of future opportunities to participate in a mission trip to Gris-Gris is by liking and following our Facebook page.  At the very least, anyone who visits the page will enjoy looking through the pictures of past trips and snapshots of the community in Gris-Gris. 


History of the Sister Parish Reltionship

Haitian countryside

Haitian countryside

We partner with the community of St. Rose of Lima in Gris Gris, Haiti. 

The Risen Savior Sister Parish Committee has worked with St. Rose of Lima Parish since 1999, helping the people of Gris Gris in many ways: drilling wells, reservoirs and fountains giving them clean water; building a new school; rebuilding their church and poor home; providing medical and dental care; sending them essential supplies; educating them about agricultural techniques and maintaining good health.  Click here to learn how Risen Savior helped bring "Living Water" to Haiti back in 2002!

Volunteer opportunities include working on subcommittees, donating goods to periodic collections to support the sister parish, and working with the community in Gris Gris when we travel to Haiti.

Volunteers serve on subcommittees to plan and coordinate periodic mission trips and supply shipments to our Haitian sister parish.


Pictures from Gris Gris, Haiti

The Sister Parish Committee meets monthly, typically on the 2nd Monday of the month, from 6:30-8:30 p.m.  New and inquiring parishioners are welcome to join us!


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