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December Confirmation Retreat

Retreat Details

Dates: December 1-3, 2017

Times: Check-In is at 6:00 pm on that Friday and we return to Risen Savior at 1:30 pm on Sunday.

Registration Deadline: November 5, 2017

Cost: The cost is paid as part of your Year 2 Confirmation fees. No additional payment is needed. 

Who: All youth in the Year 2 Confirmation Classes (grades 10-12.)

Location: Camp Courage in Maple Lake, MN.

Transportation: We will have bus transportation to and from the retreat facility.

How To Register For The Retreat?

There are two forms that are required to be turned in to complete your registration for the retreat. The first form is a Annual Medical Release that is filled out one time per school year and is kept on file for your child. This form gives us important information we need to know about you (or your child) to properly care for your child and to seek medical attention if needed while your child is at a Risen Savior Youth Ministry sponsored event. The second form is the actual permission slip and release giving your child permission to attend this specific event.

These forms should be completed and returned to the Church Office no later than November 5, 2017. If your child does not have the forms turned in, all information completed, and all signature fields signed they will not be allowed to attend the retreat. 

What To Bring

We will update this page with a detailed list of what to bring in the middle of November. We will also email you the list of what to bring a week before the retreat.

Communications Prior To The Retreat

If you included an email address on the Annual Medical Release Form we will email you an acknowledgment that we received your child's Retreat Registration and Medical Release forms within a week of receiving it. If you only turn in one of the forms you will not get an ackowledgement of receiving the registration until both forms are turned in. 

If you are missing any signatures or have missing info on either form we will email you telling you what is missing and will ask that you stop by the Church Office to complete the forms. The Church Office is open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday-Friday and we recognize this may not be convenient for those who work daytime hours. To help avoid the need to stop in and finish completing the forms please read through them carefully and fully complete them before turning them in. 

We will email all parent's and participants a reminder email about details for check-in and pick-up, a packing list, and any other pertinent info the week of November 20, 2017.

Will There Be Mass During The Retreat

Yes! Fr. Tom will be joining us on Saturday evening to celebrate Mass with us! 

What Do We Do If There Is A Conflict With Our Schedule?

We realize that keeping track of everyone's schedules is a very difficult task for parents. We also have a great deal of compassion and understanding for all of the obligations parent's and kids are asked to keep. We realize it is not easy getting time off from jobs, missing important games, practices, performances, or making sure your child has enough time to get assignments done on time. We've picked two retreat dates that we feel best avoid as many big obligations as possible. We know we couldn't avoid all of them and there's probably commitments we couldn't anticipate even if we tried to but like you we did the best we could with the information and constraints that we have.

We picked dates that didn't conflict with ACT testing, major testing periods (such as right before finals), we tried to avoid end of sport season time periods, long weekends (due to sports tournaments and family vacations), and well known concerts or plays. If neither of these dates don't work for your family we apologize, there weren't a lot of other weekends to choose from after accounting for the above named limitations.

We encourage you to choose to attend the retreat that has the least amount of conflicts for your child. We also encourage you to tell any coaches, teachers, employers, directors, or other leaders of activities your child may be part of as soon as possible, preferably even right now. The more advance notice they are given about upcoming absences for your child the more forgiving they tend to be. Yes we know not all of them are and we've heard a lot of unfortunate stories over the years, if you're dealing with one of these situations we feel for you.

After saying all of the above it is important for us to be clear and to make sure you know that attending one of these two retreats is still mandatory and is a requirement for preparing for Confirmation. Please make every possible effort to see to it that your child fully attends one of these two retreats. If there's any chance something could come up during the February retreat dates make sure your child attends the December retreat. 

If for some reason your child does not attend one of these two retreats there will be no refund given for the retreat fee portion of Year 2 Confirmation. Retreats are planned, budgeted, and contracts are signed for facilities, food, and transportation based on the number of Year 2 Confirmation students there are. 


If you have a question specifically about the retreat or anything related to the retreat please email

If you have questions about Confirmation in general please email


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