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Year One Confirmation Day Retreat

As part of the Confirmation preparation process all youth who are in the Year One Confirmation program are required to attend this 5 hour retreat. It is an opportunity to explore some aspects of our faith and Confirmation on a little bit deeper level, build more community among the youth, and prepare them for the full weekend retreat that takes place in Year 2.

The retreat does not cost participants any additional money as we have included it in the fees for Confirmation Year 1.

While we don't need to collect payment and all Year One participants are required to attend it is still required that you complete and turn in a registration/release form by January 13 and that you also have completed and turned in an Annual Medical Release form for the 2018-2019 program year. 

Details of the Retreat

Date: Saturday, February 2, 2019

Location: Risen Savior

Check-In Time: Check in will start at 9:45 am at Risen Savior.

Start Time: 10:00 am

End Time: 3:00 pm

Registration Deadline: January 13, 2019.

Lunch: Lunch will be provided. If your child has special dietary needs or allergies please make sure to note that on the Annual Medical Release Form. We encourage you to send a lunch along with your child if you are unsure about whether the food we serve will comply with any dietary restrictions your child may have. We have plenty of space in our fridge for lunches and the kids can use our microwave if needed as well.

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