Faithful Citizenship

Good Catholics meddle in politics, offering the best of themselves, so that those who govern can govern…Politics, according to the Social Doctrine of the Church, is one of the highest forms of charity, because it serves the common good. I cannot wash my hands, eh? We all have to give something!

Pope Francis, Homily from 2013

Our call as Catholics is to witness God’s love and vision for the Kingdom of God through our lives: our prayer, family life, work, and participation in the political and civic processes. This includes charity work and advocacy for justice in our communities, engaging in civil and respectful conversations even when we disagree, staying informed about policies and decisions affecting our communities, and forming our consciences so we are equipped to make decisions when voting and acting in the public arena.

Our faith does not endorse any political party or candidate; rather, our faith calls us to make informed decisions, always seeking to support and promote the dignity of life and the common good of our communities.

We invite you to use this page as a tool on your journey of faithful citizenship!

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