Lenten Series 2024: Spirituality and Mental Health

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This Lenten Series is led by Fr. Matthew Malek.

Tuesdays, February 20 through March 19 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in Resurrection Hall


The Lent 2024 series is underway. If you still want to join, just come to the next session and pay in person at that time.


In this Lenten series, Fr. Matthew will take an in-depth look at this important topic.

Although spirituality means different things to different people, and all beliefs and customs may be different, the one thing they all have in common is the effects on mental health. In each session, he will explore  ways in which healing is achieved through a combination of practices that are spiritual, religious, psychodynamic, and physical.

Topics are:

February 20: Spirituality and Mental Health Overview/Introduction - Explore the ways in which our spiritual life AND our mental health inform one another and how they can interact to create a happier, stronger person.

February 27: How Are Spiritual and Mental Health Issues Depicted in Scripture - Sacred Scripture provides many examples of persons with mental illness. How were those people treated? How did Christ help them? How does the ancient understanding impact how we treat mental disorders today?

March 5: Grief, Sorrow, Loss, and Depression: Understanding the Differences - Grief and loss are vividly portrayed in Scripture, and they are part of the human condition. Depression, which we understand as a mental illness, can look and feel similar. We will unpack the similarities and the differences with an eye towards ways our faith can help address all of these.

March 12: The Devil Made Me Do It: Understanding Demons and Mental Health - For centuries, those with mental health disorders were seen as “demonic” or “Satanic.” How does our modern understanding of mental health impact our understanding of this in Scripture? We will also consider how our spirituality can help us cope with our own challenges with what is “evil” and dark in our lives.

March 19: Participants' choice; TBD from collecting suggestions at the first two sessions. We will explore the intersection of mental health and spirituality regarding a specific topic raised by attendees of the first two sessions.


This Lenten series will be held at Risen Savior in Resurrection Hall. Refreshments and light snacks will be provided.

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In-person after Mass registration one weekend only: NEXT weekend, February 3/4.  Pay with cash, check, or credit card.

You may also stop at the parish office during office hours and sign up.


Contact: Marianne Brass, marianne.brass@risensavior.org, (952) 698-1714