Prayers of the Faithful – August 1 & 2, 2020


Let us pray now for all who seek a world that is good, peaceful and loving.


  • For the Church: that we may place a supreme value on seeking the reign of God and utilize all our talents to deepen our relationship with God, we pray:
  • For all leaders in the Christian community: that God will give them wisdom in choosing how to present the Gospel tradition in new and meaningful ways today, we pray:
  • For reverence for God’s creation: that we may recognize the world around us as God’s gift and work to promote care and respect for the soil, air, water, animals, and the human family, we pray:
  • For all who are working for justice: that God will help them to remind society of the truth about human dignity and inspire their words to unlock hearts and move people to action, we pray:
  • For all who are traveling: that God will protect them on their journey and bring them safely to their destination, we pray:
  • For those who are ill and have asked for our prayers including, Tom Diger

May they find comfort in the healing touch of God and by the loving care of family and friends, we pray:

  • For all who have died and those who mourn them, especially Jim Kelly, the husband of Loretta Kelly. May all who have died be forever held in the loving arms of God, we pray:


God who offers us a fruitful harvest, we pray for the wisdom and courage to look beyond life’s daily distractions and false hopes. Give us eyes that can see and hearts that are open to all that you have promised. We ask this in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.