Prayers of the Faithful for April 27 & 28, 2019


We have not seen but still believe. With confident faith, we bring our concerns before God.


That unbelievers find in the church a living sign of Christ’s love, we pray:

That the Holy Spirit will inspire leaders of nations, and guide their efforts to find peaceful and lasting resolutions to the challenges of today, we pray:

That the witness of the scriptures will lead all who are questioning their faith to new and deeper understanding of God’s presence and action in their lives, we pray:

That God will heal our wounds of body, mind, and spirit, and enable us to become instruments of healing and hope for others who are wounded today, we pray:

That as parishioners of Risen Savior, we may see ways to share our time, energy, and resources to relieve the suffering and burdens of others, we pray:

That those who are ill feel Jesus’ healing touch in the loving hands of their caregivers, including,  Tom Diger, Donna Chur, and Susan Swanton, we pray:

That all who mourn the death of a loved one find comfort in the joy of Jesus’ resurrection, and that those killed by the bombings in Sri Lanka on Easter may see the face of the living God and rest in eternal peace we pray:


Generous God, plant your precious gift of faith ever deeper in our hearts. All that we ask, we ask in the name of Jesus, our Risen Lord.