Prayers of the Faithful for December 24 & 25, 2016


As we rejoice in the love of God, which is reborn among us on this holy night/day; let us also remember those in need throughout the world.


Lord, fill your holy people with whatever good they need, let the mystery of your birth be the source of our peace, we pray:

You came as chief shepherd and guardian of our lives, let the Pope and Bishops be faithful channels of your many gifts of grace, we pray:

You once took on the weakness of our human condition, be light now for those who do not see, strength for the wavering and comfort for the troubled heart , we pray:

You were born into poverty and lowliness, look with favor on the poor and comfort them, we pray:

You are the eternal Word of God who flooded the world with joy at your birth, fill us with joy by the continuous gift of your life, we pray:

You are the true vine that brings forth the fruit of life, make us branches of the vine bearing much fruit, we pray:

You came to heal the broken, may the light of your healing shine on the sick, including: Fr. Jim Gorman, Bill Nord, Jody Thamert, Carol O’Meara, Delores Swanson, Levi & Stefan Gryniewski, we pray:

You came to earth to lead everyone into the Kingdom, share your life of glory with those who have died, we pray:


Lord God, we thank you for sending us the most perfect gift – Jesus, the Messiah; and for revealing your grace to us. Help us to accept your gifts of Salvation. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.