Prayers of the Faithful for Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020


On this most holy day, we are made a new creation in the image of the Risen Christ. Let us pray that the joy and hope of Easter may be shared by all the earth.


  • That the Church proclaim the good news of the resurrection throughout all lands, we pray:
  • That all peoples of the world welcome God’s offer of salvation, we pray:
  • That world leaders join together to provide care to those suffering, and help bring an end to the spread of the coronavirus throughout the world, we pray:
  • That the Risen Lord may revive hope for those who are discouraged or are in despair, we pray:
  • That each of us nourish others through our self-giving and loving service, we pray:
  • That those who are ill and have asked for our prayers, find healing, including: Marty Sherman and Mark Juenemann, we pray:
  • That all who mourn the death of a loved one find comfort in the joy of Jesus’ resurrection, especially, Earl Weyandt, the brother of Arvilla Rivers; Darlene Schlegel; and Warren Anderson the husband of Jan Dodge Anderson;
    we pray:


Glorious God, you raised up your Son from the dead. Raise us up and hear our prayer that we may praise your glory today and always though Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN.