Prayers of the Faithful for January 2 & 3, 2021

Prayers of the Faithful                                   January 2 & 3, 2021


On this great feast of Epiphany that celebrates Jesus’ revelation to the world, we pray for the many needs both here and across the earth.


  • For the Church: that we may be a Light to those who are searching for direction and illuminate the path through our words and deeds of compassion and justice, we pray:
  • For God’s blessing on the New Year: that God will fill the coming days with health of body, mind, and spirit; lead us into a deeper relationship with Christ, and inspire us to live the Gospel faithfully each day, we pray:
  • For greater trust: that, like the Wise Men, God’s Light may guide us into the uncharted future, calm our fears, and help us to trust God’s love and care for us, we pray:
  • For all who are seekers: that God will lead those who are confused or searching for a new beginning onto a new path that will be filled with meaning and purpose, we pray:
  • For greater unity and co-operation within the human family: that God will heal the wounds of racial bias, open hearts to the talents of every person, and help us work together against violence, drug abuse, and poverty, we pray:
  • That the radiance of Christ may bring comfort to the sick, including, Cheri Henderson and Kiar Poetter we pray:
  • That those who have died are filled with the light of eternal life, especially Lou Molnar, son of the late Alice Molnar. That those in the darkness of grief find hope and comfort in the radiance of Christ, we pray:


Gracious God, you have shown us that your Son is the Messiah King of all peoples. Help us to live in his light through the challenges of our lives and to reflect his glory to all those who cross our paths. We pray in his name. Amen.