Prayers of the Faithful for June 2 & 3, 2018


As a people bound in a deep covenant relationship with God, we express our gratitude by praying for one another, for our neighbors and for the whole world.


For the Church, many members but yet one body: that we may grow in unity and love as the Body of Christ, we pray:

For a greater sharing in the Christian mission: that through our reception of the Eucharist, we may truly become the Body of Christ and extend Christ’s work into our families, neighborhoods and workplaces each day, we pray:

For those who bring Eucharist to hospitals and the homebound, that they be signs of God’s love, compassion and healing, we pray

For the grace of thankfulness: that we may begin each day with a spirit of gratitude and grow in our awareness of all God’s gifts to us and the opportunities that we have to use them, we pray:

For a greater awareness of the spiritual dimension of all things: that we may recognize the hand of God at work in our lives and the world around us, bringing us to fuller life each day, we pray:

For those who are ill and have asked for our prayers including Billie Rivers. May they find comfort in the healing touch of God and by the loving care of family and friends, we pray:

For all who mourn the death of a loved one, especially Jerry Griffin, the brother of Fr. Pat Griffin and brother in law of Kate Adamek. May all who have died be forever held in the loving arms of God, we pray:


Generous and loving God, we are grateful that you have chosen us as your people. Help us to live out the Eucharist by giving ourselves for one another. We ask this in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.