Prayers of the Faithful for November 16 & 17, 2019


Aware that signs of the end times are always with us, we pray for awareness of God’s loving presence in the here and now.


For the Church: that we may offer hope and vision to all the human family in times of confusion and chaos, we pray:

For our Archdiocese, that through the Synod process we will grow in holiness and be inspired to see our lives more clearly as a gift for others, we pray:

For courage to face the future: confident that God makes all things work together, we may approach the future, with both its joy and sorrows, aware that God is always with us and desires to give us fullness of life, we pray:

For the grace of perseverance: that God will strengthen and sustain us to remain faithful in our discipleship in times of trial and distress, we pray:

For those injured or affected by the school shooting in California, and all those who have experienced violence in their lives, may God provide consolation through the support of caregivers as they recover from their physical and emotional wounds, we pray:

For those who are ill and have asked for our prayers including, Scott Highberg, and Fr. Fayant from St. Rose of Lima in Haiti who is recovering from surgery; may God’s healing love touch them and restore them to fullness of life, we pray:

For those who mourn and for those who have died, especially Dorothy Weller, the mother of Theresa Weller. May all who have died be forever held in the loving arms of God, we pray:


God who loves and protects all that is, we pray for hope and perseverance in uncertain times. Let our trust in you keep us calm, unafraid, and focused on being the face of Jesus in the world. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.