Prayers of the Faithful for September 28 & 29, 2019


With humility and a Christ-like attitude, let us ask God for the grace we need to champion those who have nothing.


For the Church: that through prayer and mutual listening, we will together discern the movements of the Holy Spirit guiding the Archdiocesan Synod, and be led to a more vigorous proclamation of Jesus’ good news, we pray:

For a deepening ability to hear the voice of God: that our minds and hearts may recognize the Word of God spoken to us in the Scriptures, through our relationships, and in the events of our lives, we pray:

For compassion: that we may see and hear the sufferings of those who are enslaved by poverty and sacrificially respond to their need, we pray:

For the grace of discipleship: that we may never prefer anything, even our most treasured possessions, to our relationship with Christ, we pray:

For all who care for the poor and needy: that God will guide them to recognize the person who is before them and help them to share God’s love with them, we pray:

For those who are ill and have asked for our prayers including. May God’s healing love touch them and restore them to fullness of life, we pray:

For those who have died especially, Archbishop Harry Flynn. May all who have died be forever held in the loving arms of God, we pray:


Merciful God, we pray for the compassion, courage and generosity to see and respond to those who need our help. Do not allow us to be callous or complacent, for we long to be your righteous people. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.