Prayers of the Faithful January 1 & 2, 2022

Prayers of the Faithful January 1 & 2, 2022


On this great feast of Epiphany that celebrates Jesus’ coming for the whole world, we pray for the many needs both here and across the earth.


  • For the Church: that, through our words and deeds, we may be a Light to those who are searching for direction and a sign of hope for those seeking to begin again, we pray:
  • For a deeper awareness of the signs along our spiritual journey: that we learn from the people and experiences in our lives how to recognize God’s presence and invitations, we pray:
  • For God’s blessing on the New Year: that God will fill the coming days with health of body, mind, and spirit; renew the gifts of the Spirit within us, and inspire us with new ways to share the Good News with others, we pray:
  • For all who are following the light of hope to a distant place, especially immigrants; that the light of Christ shine brightly on them so that all might be more aware of their plight, we pray:
  • For our Sister Parish, St. Rose of Lima in Gris Gris Haiti, who are experiencing a web of difficulties at this time–including lack of food for the children, medical and plumbing needs, as well as issues with the well that provides them water, that we may be instruments of God’s Light helping meet the needs of our Haitian brothers and sisters. we pray:
  • That the radiance of Christ may bring comfort to the sick, including, Lloyd Rivers, we pray:
  • That those who have died are filled with the light of eternal life, especially John Perhay, husband of Denise Perhay, Leo Fine, father-in-law of Mary Lou Larson-Fine as well as anti-apartheid and human-rights activist Archbishop Desmond Tutu. That those in the darkness of grief find hope and comfort in the radiance of Christ, we pray:


Gracious God, you have shown us that your Son is the Messiah King of all peoples. Help us to live in his light through the challenges of our lives and to reflect his glory to all those who cross our paths. We pray in this through Christ our Lord, Amen.