Prayers of the Faithful May 29 & 30, 2021

Prayers of the Faithful                                  May 29 & 30, 2021


In confidence we pray for our needs to the Triune God who chooses to share divine life with us.


  • For the Church: that our experiences of God will help us recognize God’s love, presence, and action in their lives and empower us to faithful service, we pray:
  • For a spirit of gratitude: that we may recognize all the great things that God has done for us and with grateful hearts share our blessings with those around us, we pray:
  • For greater stewardship of earth’s resources: that we may be good stewards of God’s creation and strive to protect it for future generations, we pray:
  • For unity in our families: that the love which is the Trinity may strengthen and renew each of us and deepen our love for one another, we pray:
  • On the 1-year anniversary of the death of George Floyd: for all who have experienced abuse, injustice, or prejudice: that God will heal their pain, give them strength to live life fully, and reveal the structures that have contributed to their pain, we pray:
  • On this Memorial Day: for all who have died in the service of our nation: that God’s glory will shine upon them and that they may share in the peace and joy of God’s presence, we pray:
  • For those who are ill and have asked for our prayers including Pat Scully, Thomas Diger, and Mike Becker. May they find comfort in the healing touch of God and by the loving care of family and friends, we pray:
  • For all who mourn the death of a loved one. May all who have died be forever held in the loving arms of God, we pray:


Gracious God, pour the Spirit of love into our hearts that we may be united to Christ and to each other in the bond of peace. We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen