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Since 1999, the Church of the Risen Savior has partnered with the community of St. Rose of Lima in Gris Gris, Haiti, in a mutually enriching sister parish relationship of sharing, solidarity and understanding. Risen Savior has supported various needs that the people of Saint Rose of Lima have expressed over the years: drilling wells, reservoirs and fountains giving them clean water; building a new school; rebuilding their church and St. Jude’s Center for the poor; providing medical and dental care; sending them essential supplies; and educating them about agricultural techniques and maintaining good health. The Risen Savior Sister Parish Committee is responsible for organizing missions and communication with Saint Rose of Lima.

The Sister Parish Committee meets monthly, typically on the 2nd Monday of the month, from 6:30-8:30 p.m.  New and inquiring parishioners are welcome to join us. Fill out the Interest Form below and we’ll be in touch with you!

Twice a year, Risen Savior celebrates Sister Parish Weekend: once in the Fall and once during Lent. These celebrations are opportunities to pray together for the people of Saint Rose of Lima and our relationship with them, to raise funds for necessities at St. Rose (such as supporting their school, feeding the children in the community, and maintaining the water wells in the community).

Over Christmas and New Year's 2023-2024, Fr. Fayant Cazeau, pastor of St. Rose of Lima, wrote the following message to the committee to pass to our parish community and shared the subsequent video of the children enjoying a Christmas party.

During this Christmas and New Year holiday season, Saint Rose Parish wishes you lots of joy and health. May the spirit of Christmas infect your life with happiness and gratitude, thereby turning all your dreams into reality! May the arrival of the New Year 2024 renew your energy and bring with it unforgettable moments and many achievements! 
Merry Christmas 2023 and Happy New Year 2024, 
--Father Fayant Cazeau, Pastor of St. Rose of Lima, Haiti

One Sunday after Mass a few of us went out for a walk to explore the Gris Gris countryside. About a mile into our walk, the skies darkened and it began to rain very hard. While we were doing our best to keep dry under a palm tree, a Haitian family saw us and waived us over to their home for shelter. One of the boys of the family climbed a coconut tree in the rain, retrieved several coconuts and cut one open for each of us to enjoy as we waited out the storm. Their kindness and hospitality to total strangers was amazing.

-Risen Savior Parishioner and Sister Parish Committee Member

On my first trip to Gris Gris in 2009, I met twin boys who were about 3 years old. They were adorable. In 2011, on my second trip to Gris Gris, I spotted them after mass on Sunday. I figured they would not remember me as they were so young the first time we met. They saw me, smiled, came running over and took my hand...My heart melted.

Risen Savior Parishioner and Former Mission Trip Participant

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