Weddings at the Church of the Risen Savior

Christian marriage is so sacred and meaningful in the Catholic Church that it is raised to the level of a sacrament. It is called the Sacrament of Matrimony. Engaged couples planning to get married in the Catholic Church enter a process with two dimensions – preparing for Christian marriage and preparing for the wedding celebration.

Contact the Church of the Risen Savior AT LEAST SIX MONTHS prior to your wedding date.  The wedding date must be confirmed on the church calendar PRIOR to booking the reception hall. 

The preparation process includes the following steps:

  • An initial meeting with the pastor, Fr. Thomas Krenik, to begin the preparation for Christian marriage (at least 6 months prior to the wedding date). Please email Fr. Tom at: to arrange a meeting.
  • Meeting with mentor couples to process the results of the pre-marital inventory called PREPARE
  • Attending a pre-marriage retreat to explore all the dimensions of Christian marriage
  • Meet with Liturgy Coordiantor to explore liturgical, musical, and ritual aspects of a wedding in the Catholic Church. This meeting should be four months prior to the wedding.
  • Meeting with the pastor to complete the necessary marriage papers three months prior to the wedding.
  • Working with the Liturgy Coordinator and Wedding Coordinator to finalize the details of the wedding one month prior to the wedding. 

Weddings in the Catholic Church take place in the parish where one or both of the parties reside or in the parish where they grew up. The wedding is a joyous celebration for the parish as well as for the couple and their family.

Engaged couples who have made an appointment with Fr. Krenik to begin the preparation process are asked to download and print the Pre-Marriage Information form, complete it, and bring it with them to the meeting.

Click here to download the Pre-Marriage Information form NOW.

Catholics who need to obtain a newly issued copy of their baptismal record may download and print the form requesting a newly issued baptismal certificate.

Click here to download the Baptismal Certificate Request form NOW

If you have questions regarding the marriage preparation process, please contact Marilyn Lyden at (952) 698-1725, e-mail


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