Prayers of the Faithful August 14 & 15, 2021


Let us pray now for all those who hope for life: for ourselves, for our friends and neighbors, and for people throughout the world.


  • For the Church: that we may recognize our bodies as temples of the living God and be open to the continuing marvels that God does in our lives, we pray:
  • For renewal of our minds and hearts: that, like Mary, we may take to heart the word that God speaks to us and strive to put it into practice in our lives more fully, we pray:
  • For the conversion of the strong and mighty: that God will change the hearts of all who misuse their power or oppress others and bring them to a new appreciation of the dignity of each person, we pray:
  • For all leaders in government: that they will use their power and influence to address the needs of the voiceless and powerless in society, we pray:
  • For healing in our communities: that God will heal the wounds from violence in our cities and homes, bring an end to domestic violence, and lead hearts to new ways to settle disputes, we pray:
  • For those who are ill and have asked for our prayers, including

Karen Atkinson, Don Katula, Phil Cable, and Arnold Edel. May they find comfort and healing, through God’s love, we pray:

  • That those who have died may find peace in the arms of God and see Mary’s Assumption into heaven as a sign of our promised glory. We pray


God of life: you give us your Son as living bread, that we may have life with you forever. Hear our prayers for our own needs, for all who are hungry and for all who yearn for life. We pray in the name of your Son, Jesus, the bread of life. Amen.