Prayers of the Faithful December 26, 2021

Prayers of the Faithful December 26, 2021


Let us pray now for ourselves, our own families, and families across the world.


  • For members of the community of the church, the family of God, we pray:
  • For the people of the world, the family of humanity, we pray:
  • For families suffering loss, separation, division, or hardship, we pray:
  • For family structures that look different from ours, that our hearts may be open to embrace family in all forms, we pray:
  • For ourselves gathered here, the parish family, we pray:
  • For healthcare workers and all who are impacted by the latest surge of the coronavirus pandemic: that God will strengthen us and unify our efforts to mitigate this continuing crisis.
  • For those who are ill and have asked for our prayers, including, Lou Linteruer, may they be blessed and healed in this coming new year, we pray:
  • Today we honor our beloved dead, including Mary Kojak, Julie Zender, William Cubbage, Ione Hartl and Steve Poupore. We also pray for those who have more recently died, especially, Tom Diger, son of Cindy Diger; Carmen Bickharry, aunt of Arlene Ali, and Rosemary Jones, mother of Mike Jones
  • For these and for the families that mourn their passing, we pray:


Good and gracious God, watch over and protect us and our homes. Strengthen the love which unites families in peace and joy. We pray through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.