Prayers of the Faithful for February 17 & 18, 2018


On our journey during Lent let us be aware of our needs and the needs of the world. Let us pray for ourselves and for each other.


For the Church: that we may be led by the Spirit to a fuller living of the Gospel and greater freedom of mind and heart, we pray:

For the grace of humility: that we may not seek to glorify ourselves but rather offer God glory and honor for all the good that is done, we pray:

For grace to resist temptation: that God will open our hearts and eyes to recognize the shortcomings of the attractions and allurements which entice us and give us strength to reject them, we pray:

For true repentance: that we will allow God’s grace to turn our hearts toward God and enable us to put on the mind of Christ in making all our decisions, we pray:

For a renewal of prayer: that God will guide us to quiet places where we can listen to God’s words and respond with sincerity, we pray:

For the families and victims of the recent Florida high school shooting, that we seek an end to violence, find help for those with mental illness, and ensure that all children are safe, we pray:

For the sick and suffering in our community, including

Lisa Vos. For all who suffer, we pray:

For those who have died, and for all who mourn their passing, we pray:


Faithful God, you never abandon those who need you. Help us to recognize your love in our daily lives and follow your holy path. We pray through Jesus Christ, our Lord.