Prayers of the Faithful for January 4 & 5, 2020


On this great feast of Epiphany that celebrates Jesus’ coming for the whole world, we pray for the many needs both here and across the earth.


That the light of Christ may bring peace to the heart of every man, woman and child, we pray:

That the radiance of Christ may be faithfully witnessed through the preaching, teachings and actions of the church, we pray:

That the light of Christ may bring consolation to all who are disenfranchised and have no permanent home, we pray:

That the radiance of Christ brings awareness to all people of the plight of migrants and refugees. May we understand the need for greater protection for all God’s children, we pray.

That the light of Christ shine for all who are searching for God or meaning in life: that the Good News may become real to them and be a light that leads them to wholeness, we pray:

That the radiance of Christ may bring comfort to the sick, including, Laura Krause and Jim Green, we pray:

That those who have died are filled with the light of eternal life, especially, Dean Raske, the husband of Mary Jo Raske and Mary Poli. That those in the darkness of grief find hope and comfort in the radiance of Christ, we pray:


Gracious God, you have shown us that your Son is the Messiah King of all peoples. Help us to live in his light through the challenges of our lives and to reflect his glory to all those who cross our paths. We pray in this through Christ our Lord, Amen.