Prayers of the Faithful for May 6 & 7, 2017


Listening to Jesus’ voice and with hearts filled with confidence, we now make our needs known to our loving God.


That all leaders of the church may truly hear the voice of the Good Shepherd and faithfully lead others to abundant life, we pray:

That all leaders of nations may use their voices to lead the world to lasting justice and peace, we pray:

That we, who have been called by name, may hear the voice of the Good Shepherd and respond confidently to God’s invitations, we pray:

That we may trust and rely upon Christ who is our safety to guide and protect us through all the challenges of life, we pray:

That God will give new vision and promote peace in the hearts of all who are enemies so they can find a place where there is common ground to begin a dialogue, we pray:

That those who are ill, may feel Jesus’ healing touch in the loving hands of their caregivers, we pray:

That those who have died especially, Beverly Craft, the wife of Don Craft; Robert Arentz; may be welcomed into the fullness of life by the Good Shepherd we pray:


Loving and caring God, you sent your only Son to be our Good Shepherd. Hear our prayers that we might always heed his voice and follow him to everlasting life. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.