Prayers of the Faithful for September 9 & 10, 2017


Confident of God’s faithful love, we speak the prayers of our hearts.


For the Church: that we may be a community that continues Christ’s mission of evangelizing and reconciling those who are estranged, we pray:

For our elected officials, that they might be blessed with the wisdom and prudence needed to address important issues in a way that is both just and humane, we pray:

For the gift of listening: that the Spirit will open our minds and hearts to hear what others say and to listen to the word of God spoken deep within our hearts, we pray:

For a new spirit of reconciliation: that we may have the grace to forgive those who have injured us and the courage to work together again, we pray:

For those in our country and around the world affected by recent natural disasters, may the support of relief agencies, neighbors and loved ones who come to their aid provide them the care and hope needed to recover and rebuild from the devastation they have experienced, we pray:

For those who are ill and have asked for our prayers including, Lois Goblirsch and Deborah Ostroot. May they find comfort in the healing touch of God and by the loving care of family and friends, we pray:

For  all who have died, especially, Lillian Gusso, the mother in law of Joanne Gusso, that God will fill them with life and give consolation and peace to those who grieve them, we pray:


Merciful God, hear our prayers that we might live in harmony and peace, and one day enjoy the fullness of life with you. We ask this in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.